Father’s Day

We are open Father's Day Weekend 11:00am - 10:00pm.  Get your mixed six packs of @abnormalbeerco Distance Mesures, Distance Learning and Nugs Nugs Nugs IPAs (2 ea.) canned freshies to-go and you will receive $1.50 per can off. Simply ask servers for the “Century Club” discount on to-go cans while...

Attic View

While you might be able to get these great, awesome, fresh beers at other places, you're only going to enjoy them with this Camelback view at The Attic Ale House. Come try these awesome freshies by @abnormalbeerco @localcraftbeer @pizzaportbrewingco @lacumbrebrewing @tombstonebeer, and don't forget to pair it with some Divine Dining from our menu...

Pint & Burger

Today we have all of our pints at $5 open to close along with Burger Night Wednesday! Get $5 off on any burger and any draft combo. That means the math is in your favor, plus some fresh cans from @abnormalbeerco are ready and waiting.

Burger Night

It's Burger Night Wednesday! Enjoy any burger and any draft and get $5 off .  The special burger is the Mozza Muñeca Burger (two 1/4 lb Burger Patties topped w Italian Herbed Panko Breaded Deep Fried Mozzarella Cheese, Capicola Ham, Crisp Lettuce, Tomato, Dill Pickles with a Sun Dried Tomato...

Pet Friendly

Hi, I’m Carl. What’s your name? I’m 5 toes old. We have a pet friendly patio, leashes on and off the patio furniture of course. Today is Sunday Funday.