Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from the hardest working crew in this crazy industry we call "Hospitality."  Come in because we still have many $4 syringe shots and candy for you all. Oh, and to all you Jerry’s out there, thank you all. ;-)

Thirsty Thursday

Today is Game Day and also Thirsty Thursday. It's the day you can get any and all of our bottles and cans of beer for $1.50 off from open until close. Come early to get yourself some seating with 16 TV's to choose from. We've also got some freshies by...

Halloween Burger

Tomorrow is Burger Night Wednesday and we have a special Halloween Burger for the occasion –– a black bun with sesame seeds made fresh by our local small business partner @nice_buns_bakery Come by tomorrow and get this one-of-a kind burger with a draft and GET $5 OFF.