Attic go Bragh

The Attic has a tradition of only bringing in Guinness on St Patrick’s Day. Last year was a bust, but this year we will be definitely celebrating with our annual St Patrick’s Day Celebration.

Chef Ivan has been brining his corned beef for 2 weeks. The menu is going to be as delicious if not more savory then years past.

Corned Beef & Cabbage:

Our Harris Ranch Beef Briskets are brined and slow roasted into tender corned beef, served with braised apple cabbage and roasted leek smashed potatoes with country mustard cream sauce.

Irish Melt:

Harris Ranch Beef Briskets are brined, smoked and slow roasted in-house into perfect pastrami topped with beer roasted short rib, braised apple cabbage, melted Swiss cheese and finished with a horseradish dill sauce on grilled marbled rye bread. Includes pickle spear and fries.

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